Breath revealed stomach cancer risk

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The scientists took samples of air breathing hundreds of patients to analyze the chemical compound, which helps detect potential risk of gastric cancer.


Ung thư dạ dày có thể phát hiện sớm qua hơi thở. Ảnh: BBC.


According to the BBC, gastric cancer affects about 7,300 people in the UK each year. In most Western countries, the disease is often detected in late stages should be a very low chance of survival. This happens partly because the symptoms of the disease, such as dyspepsia and abdominal pain, are easily confused with other diseases.

The scientists believe that early detection of gastric cancer germ, breathing can help improve diagnosis. The authors have studied based on the assumption that in the breath of people with cancer will appear unusual signs, especially the strange chemical compound.

Expert Group examined 145 samples of patient breathing, about 30 of whom had gastric cancer. Process technology laboratory analysis using "nanoarray" inherit the fruits of a previous study in Israel, Latvia and China.

Comparison between the patient's breathing gas samples of gastric cancer and normal people showed a clear difference in composition of chemical compounds. In addition, the test results also warned some cases but not with cancer in breathing air samples have significant changes in chemical composition, it is a sign "precancerous" high risk develop into cancer.

Although study results are not completely accurate in all cases but the authors expect the examination of the chemical composition of breathing air will help detect early signs of changes due to potential cancer cause . "By the breath test will help detect early cases of cancer patients is about to conduct intervention at the beginning", representing the team said in the journal Gut. He also recommend: "Further larger trials to prove the efficacy of this approach."

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