Happy Birthday Organization and employees staff the third quarter

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To promote culture as well as the solidarity of the Southern Pharmaceuticals today Date 08/27/2016 Executive Committee of the Southern Group birthday party for all officers and staff birthday month third quarter of 2016.

Birthday party was held in very cheerful atmosphere, warm and solidarity shown by the youth and enthusiasm of Southern Pharma in general. To attend the birthday party with company executives, trade union executive committee, the head of the department and the entire staff of the company.

These are activities that take place regularly in Southern Pharmaceuticals to encourage team spirit, enhance solidarity and cohesion of parts in the whole company.

At the party, Mr. Nguyen Khac Khai - tty CEO had said a few words and wishes for health, happiness and success to the employees with birthdays on this occasion. Thereby comrades also send words of encouragement in the spirit of the whole system employees unite together to put Pharmaceuticals Nam Phuong growing stronger, joined hands and go on the road there are many thorns forthcoming.

Also in this party, the staff had birthdays third quarter also like to thank most sincerely and deeply to the Company Board of Directors, Executive Committee of the union was to create conditions for the staff's collective Users in the system have significant moments are concerned, are shared and are gathered together for the sake of the collective.

Here are some pictures of birthday party:


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