More and more children with stomach cancer

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The proportion of under 40s with this disease is increasing, even under 30 cases of gastric cancer were late stage.

Currently, gastric cancer is common, among the 10 most common cancers. In Vietnam, the disease ranked second in men after lung cancer, the third in women after breast cancer and cervical. Approximately 2/3 of people with stomach cancer is detected at an advanced stage, invasive and tumor metastasis or lymph node metastases. Master, Doctor Vo Duy Long, Deputy Head of Digestive Surgery Department, Medical University Hospital in HCM City, said that every year here to receive from 300 to 400 gastric cancer patients.


Of which almost two thirds are appointed cases treated with radical surgery, while the rest had distant metastases can not be surgery that only medical treatment to prolong survival. Doctor Long recommended gastric cancer tends to rejuvenate. The proportion of patients under age 40 is increasing, particularly with the case under 30 years old. Medical University Hospital in HCM City each received a 18-year-old girls to care for severe abdominal pain. After examination and necessary tests, doctors discovered patients with gastric cancer had metastasized final stages throughout abdominal surgery should not be treated thoroughly. Assigned patients to take medicine to prolong life. Another case is a 33 years old female patient in Quang Ngai visit 2 years ago with symptoms of abdominal pain and vomiting for more than 4 months. Endoscope doctors discovered an ulcer in the antral gastric cm. Pathology showed her stomach cancer this stage designated 2A and treated with laparoscopy. After surgery, patients recover health quickly, now 12 weeks pregnant at Dr. Long, the rate of stomach cancer is increasing in Vietnam and some countries such as Korea, Japan is due salt diet, eat a lot of pickled, smoked food ... Besides, helicobacter pylori infection status, a type of bacteria that live in the mucous membranes of the stomach and some diseases such as gastritis thick chronic atrophic gastritis, intestinal metaplasia and increased cancer rates. The disease is familial. Stomach cancer is difficult to detect at an early stage.

The first time the disease usually does not cause symptoms. Until the cancer has spread to cause epigastric pain without atypical cycle, bloating, loss of appetite, digestive disorders. Patients can be debilitating systemic, rapid weight loss, nausea and vomiting, vomiting blood or blood in bowel surgery .. Normally open gastrectomy scraper attached lymph nodes are the standard treatments are selected improves survival time for patients. In recent years, surgical techniques gastroscopy be applied more widely to bring more benefits to more patients. Especially laparoscopic gastrectomy associated surgical lymph node dissection is a difficult, complicated techniques were implemented for the first time in Japan in 1994. There have been many reports about this surgery proves effective cancer a study in the treatment of gastric cancer. Many countries around the world also apply this technique and recorded good results. Doctor Long said that in the last 2 years have been more than 250 cases of gastric cancer, endoscopic surgery, accounting for over 50% of gastric cancer patients examined at Medical University Hospital in HCM City. Subscribe to effectively show survival after surgery endoscopic equivalent to or better than open surgery. "In particular, the splicing technique completely intra-abdominal laparoscopic surgery offers many benefits to patients, such as postoperative pain, faster recovery and high aesthetics."

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