Southern Pharma birthday gifts for loyal customers

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Birthdays are always meaningful and memorable day for everyone. Therefore, to increase the fun and share a special day each year only one this time, Southern Pharma has implemented programs birthday gifts to customers whose birthday in July, 8 and 9 .

Customer birthday, Cc Southern Pharma gifts as regards the meaning, thanks to the customers who have always supported and cungNam The pharma companion during recent years.

In addition, the desire to deliver maximum satisfaction for customers, Southern Pharma constantly updating the customer care programs close, the new information about products and services as well as ready to support free consultation questions from customers. For more information, customers please contact us at the Customer Care Hotline of Southern Pharma 1900.58.58.16.

Here are some photos directly CEO Nguyen Khac Khai and Pharmacy Management members to take the birthday address given to the client is the owner of a pharmacy, drugstores are distributing products Nam Phuong in Hanoi and provinces.

Nguồn Nam Phương Pharma

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